FPM Course Structure

FPM is a full-time residential programme. The candidate is expected to complete the course work and thesis in 4 years.

The first year of the FPM commences with Post Graduate programme in Management (PGP). FPM participants are required to complete all the courses taught to PGP participants in the first year. During this period the participants learn basic concepts in the areas of Business Communication, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Organizational behaviour, Human Resource Management, Systems, Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques. These core courses help the students in building a strong foundation in various functional areas of management and research.

In the second year, participants will be taught courses related to Research Methodology, Managerial Statistics, Systems Approach to Management and General Management along with core area courses. The second year courses prepare FPM participants to conduct research work independently in their area of specialisation. From the third year onwards, the FPM participants start independent work under the supervision of a Guide and Research Advisory Committee.