Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

An act of Sexual Harassment is a punishable offence. As per the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, an internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has been constituted.   The important functions of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) formed at CIMP are:

  • To hear and address complaints regarding sexual harassment at CIMP, and
  • To spread awareness about gender-related issues and functioning of the ICC.
In case of any complaints, contact the following members of the committee:
  • Prof.(Dr.) Vijaya Bandyopadhyaya - Chairperson
  • Prof. (Dr.) Rana Singh - Member
  • Prof. (Dr.) Mamta Singh – Member
  • Dr. Shashi Prabha – Member
  • Mr. Vivek Kashyap – Member
  • Ms. Purnima Kumari [Roll No-150091] – Student [PGDM Batch 2022-24]
  • Ms. Sneha [Roll No-150118] - Student [PGDM Batch 2022-24]
  • Mr. Abhinav Singh [Roll No-150064] - Student [PGDM Batch 2022-24]
  • Mr. Pravir Kumar, Operations Director, VI - External Member
Working Rules

Any complaint regarding gender issues may be lodged to any member of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC).

All the complaints shall be kept confidential and it shall be the duty of the members of the ICC to ensure confidentiality. ICC will make investigations into a complaint made to it by a complainant, hold enquiries into such complaints and resolve the matter by amicable settlement if so requested by the complainant, recommend appropriate action to the Director, CIMP, pursuant to the findings of the enquiry.

On receiving a complaint of sexual harassment, the ICC shall conduct an inquiry into the complaint by obtaining information from the complainant and the defendant and any witnesses, determining if there are individuals with direct or indirect information regarding the complaint, and, if so, by interviewing them or by obtaining information from such other persons and making such inquiries as it thinks fit.

The ICC shall record its findings and recommend appropriate action on the basis of the findings. The ICC shall deal with all issues expeditiously.

The committee will meet frequently, review the position of gender issues in the institute and maintain minutes of the meeting.