Internal Faculty
Prof. Santosh Kumar

Prof. (Dr.) Santosh Kumar

Fellow, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai
MBA, ICFAI Business School Hyderabad
Research Area

He has been an active researcher and has published papers in domestic and international journals. He has also presented his contributions in various national and international conferences (IFC, AICIBS Oxford, LAIBSRC, and IBFR). He is also the coordinator for Research Cell and Centre for Small Micro Enterprises and Capacity Building at CIMP. He is also the reviewer of Journal of Asset management and Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies. His research interest lies in behavioural finance, asset pricing, market microstructures, Government regulations in financial markets etc.

Teaching Area

A. Post Graduate Level Courses

  • Options, Futures and the Other Derivatives (3 Credit)
  • Behavioural Finance (1.5 Credit)
  • Project Finance (1.5 credit)
  • Banking (3 credit)

B. EXPM Courses

  • Risk Management
  • Accounting and Finance Control
  • Financial management

Presentations/ Publications

A. Articles Published

  • Kumar, Santosh and KVSS Narayana Rao, “Study of Causality, Shocks, and Risk Return Trade-off in Multi-Factor Asset Pricing Models”, Australian Academy of Accounting and Finance Review, 2017, 3(1).
  • Chandra, Achut, Tavishi, Santosh Kumar, “Rationalizing Power Trading in Economically Backward States in India”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, 2017, 10(4).
  • Kumar, Santosh and KVSS Narayanan Rao, “Is VIX Priced in Multi Factor Asset Pricing Modeling?” Indian Journal of Finance, 2014, 8(2).
  • Kumar, Santosh and KVSS Narayanan Rao, “Are Fear and Inertia Subsumed in Three Factor Fama French Model ?”, International Economics and Finance Journal, Jan-June, 2014, 9(1).
  • Kumar, Santosh and KVSS Narayana Rao, “Resolving Measurement Issues of Size Loadings in Asset Pricing Model”, Asia Pacific Finance and Accounting Review, 2014, 1(1&2).
  • Kumar, Santosh and Raju G, “Does the Dividend Announcements Matter in Indian Stock Market? “Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Research and Innovations”, March 2013, 9(1).
  • Akansha and Kumar, Santosh, “Anchor Investors: Extinguishing the fire”,Indian Journal of Finance, December, 2012, 12(6).
  • Kumar, Santosh and Raju G, “Contagion Effect of Dollar and Euro in Indian Stock Market”, “IUP Journal of Applied Finance”, July2012, 18(3), pp.84-94.

B. Papers Presented

  • Kumar, Santosh, “Are the Multi-Factor Asset Pricing Models Methodologically Robust?”, Academic International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business Studies (AICIBS 2017), 16th Oct- 18th Oct, 2017, University of Oxford ( St. Anne College), UK.
  • Kumar, Santosh and K V S S Narayana Rao, “Study of Causality, Shocks and Risk Return Trade off in Multifactor Asset Pricing Models”, 2nd Los Angeles International Business and Social Science Research Conference (LAIBSRC) ,2016 , Oct 28-30, 2016, Los Angeles, Organized by Australian Academy of Business Leadership.
  • Kumar Santosh and Vohra , P S, Global Summit on Management Cases, IIM Raipur, Paper ID 136, Inter linkages of Macroeconomic Variables for Valuation of Indian Economy- The Case of Indian Post Financial Reforms , February, 2016.
  • Kumar, Santosh and Raju G., “Contagion Effect of Euro and Dollar in Indian Stock Market”, International Finance Conference, Jan 9th – 12, 2011, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.
  • Kumar, Santosh and Raju G.,“Paradigm Shift in FII Flows”, International Conference on Globalization and Economic Asymmetries in International Trade and Development, Dec 16th – 18, 2010, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.
Training (MDPs)
  • Social impact assessment of HLRCC Bridge, Four Lane Roan, Guide Dam, Rail Line, Police Station, Subdivision Court
  • Financial statement analysis, risk management, credit appraisal for various training programs from Department of Industries, Government of Bihar
Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Member, American Finance Association
  • Member, Australian Academy of Business Leadership