Internal Faculty
Prof. Sayan Banerjee

Prof. Sayan Banerjee

FPM, National Institute of Industrial Engineering
Research Area
  • Organizational Designing
  • Innovation Systems
  • Innovation Policy
Teaching Area
  • Organizational Structures and Process
  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation Systems, Policy and Governance
Presentations/ Publications

A. Articles Published

  • Linkages between structure and culture –A review published at SOM conference held at DOMS IIT Madras.
  • A concept of partnership and strategic alliances in Supply Chain Management authored by Sayan Banerjee,Rakesh Raut ,Harsh V bhasin published at som conference proceedings held at DOMS IIT Madras. ( December,2009)
  • Structuring for Innovation- International Journal of Business Excellence, Vol. 4, No. 5, 2011.(with Dr D.K. Srivastava) ( Cited By 4)
  • An integrated fuzzy -Ahp approach for supplier selection and purchasing decisions. International Journal of Services and Operations management, Vol.10, No.04, 2011 (with Rakesh Raut ,Harsh V.Bhasin , and Sachin Kamble ) ( Cited by 17 )
  • Organizational structures, Environmental uncertainty, Effective innovation outcome Indian institute of Industrial engineering journal.Volume II issue 25, 2011)(with Dr.D.K.Srivastava)
  • Power distance: A facilitator or deterrent for Innovation (International Journal of Business Excellence,Vol 5 ,No 6, 2012.(With Dr.D.K.Srivastava) ( Cited by 2 )
  • Using power distance as a organizational level variable A comprehensive theoretical review .Paper published in the proceedings of “MAC-MME 2016” . ISBN 978-80-88085-10-2.
  • "Social innovation a theoretical approach in intertwining climate change with social innovation," a chapter submitted to "Handbook of Research on Climate Change Impact on Health and Environmental Sustainability” Published by IGI Global,2016
  • Innovation, Organisational Structure and Culture- Its impact & linkage on organization – A review accepted at American International Journal of Social Sciences.( with Dr.D.K.Srivastava)
  • Innovation, Organisational Structure and Culture- Its impact & linkage on organization – A review –International journal of Civic Engagement and social change ,Vol 4,Issue1 ,2017 ( with Dr.D.K.Srivastava)
  • Organizational Structure in Indian Context –International journal of Civic engagement and social change ,Vol 4,Issue2,2017 ( with Dr.D.K.Srivastava)

B. Working papers

  • Paper entitled 'Understanding Organisational designing –Perspectives from literature’ Authored by Sayan Banerjee (International Journal of Management Review )
  • From Exploration to Exploitation –LInk between strategy and structure- Some perspectives from organizational designing - Authored by Sayan Banerjee

C. Presented in Conference

  • ‘Industrial Products and Shift in Value Chain – Perspectives from innovation Policy ‘-presented at IISES conference organized by F.H WienUniversity of Applied Sciences held at Vienna from 1st – 4 th October 2018.
  • ‘Using power distance as an organizational level variable.A comprehensive theoretical review presented at the MAC-MME conference organized by CZECH Technical Society at Prague From 9th- 10th December,2016
  • ‘From Exploration to Exploitation –Some perspectives from Organizational designing ‘ presented at AICBM conference organized by FLE Society at Boston from 17 th – 19 th, May 2017.
  • ‘ Using Hofstedeian dimension’s to understand societal implications within a country –A theoritical critique’ presented at IJAS conference at Ryerson University ,Toronto Canada from 20th-23r
  • ‘Poverty,social innovation and societal ideas and values -A perspective‘presented at IJAS conference at Harvard University,USA from 27 th-31 st may -2012.
  • 'Linkages between Structure and Culture - A review' (Authors-Rakesh Raut,Sayan Banerjee,Asif Tadvi has been presented at SOM conference held at Department of Management, IIT Madras, India,Dec 2009)
  • 'A concept of Partnership and Strategic Alliances in Supply Chain Management' authored by Sayan Banerjee, Rakesh Raut, Harsh V Bhasin, has been presented at SOM Conference held at Department of Management IIT Madras, India Dec 2009)
  • Organisational Structures and Innovation -A Brief Review by Sayan Banerjee.Rakesh Raut was accepted and presented at International Conference of Business and Management (ICBM) held at Bangkok 2010.
  • Human Behavior - A deterrent or a participator in Supplier–Buyer selection? (Authors – Sayan Banerjee & Rakesh Raut) has been selected at International Conference on Operations Research applications in Engineering and Management (ICOREM) held at Anna University, Tiruchirappalli,India May 2009.
  • “Entrepreneurial Strategy, Power Distance, Innovation” presented at ANVESH, (an International conference held at Institute of Management- Nirma University) (Ahmedabad) held from (9th -11th) April, 2008 only for doctoral scholars.

D. Attended in Conference

  • Attended an international conference ICTM (International ConferenceonTechnology and Innovation Management-2012) held at IISC Bangalore from 18 th-20th July ,2012.
  • Attended an international conference NCIETM(National Conference on Industrial Engineering and Technology Management held at Nitie Mumbai from 28th -30th October ,2014)
Training (MDPs)
  • Conducted several MDP sessions for various clients VIZ. LIC, Department of Education ( Govt. of Kerala), Department of Industries ( Govt. of Bihar)
  • Accomplished several SIA projects for Govt. of Bihar