Mr. Kumod Kumar

Mr. Kumod Kumar

Chief Administrative Officer
Director & CEO | CIMP- Business Incubation & Innovation Foundation
  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Director & CEO | CIMP- Business Incubation & Innovation Foundation
  • Chairperson | CIMP- Centre for CSR & ESG Studies Foundation
  • Co-Chairperson - Executive Education
Research Area
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Systems
  • Technology Adoption
  • ESG
  • Startups
  1. Role of technological innovation and its governance in entrepreneurial evolution RK Kumar, A Hoor, SK Jain, R Singh, K Kumar, P Kumar, A Chamira, International Journal of Electronic Government Research (IJEGR) 20 (1), 1-25
  2. Assessing The Challenges to Digital Twins in the Metaverse Environment: Strategic Management Decisions Perspective, M Alryalat, R Rajan, S Dhir, KHM Alhamzi, K Kumar, Kurdish Studies 11 (2), 3037-3053
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  8. Interlinkages Between Digital-Social Entrepreneurship and Technological Capabilities for Sustainable Value Creation, R Sharma, S Kamble, S Gupta, A Belhadi, NP Rana, K Kumar, Journal of Global Information Management (JGIM) 31 (1), 1-26
Book Edited
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility Inclusive Development & Welfare, Kalapura, Jose, Ranjan, Rajeev, Kumar, Kumod. (2022).Global Vision Press, New Delhi. ISBN:978-81-920968-1-0
  2. A Strategic Approach to CSR Focusing on Sustainable Development: Opportunities and Challenges, Jyoti Verma Kumod Kumar Rana Singh Bloomsbury India ISBN-10 9356405417 ISBN-13 978-9356405417
Knowledge Paper
  1. The Role of State Government in Implementing India CSR Laws : Rusen Kumar, Kumod Kumar, Dr. Rana Singh, Published by Centre for CSR Studies, CIMP
  1. Breakdown Assistance Device For Vehicle
  2. Bed Safety System For Toddlers
  3. Wearable Hygiene Maintenance Device For Sportspe
Honors & Awards
  1. Non Executive Director at Technology Innovation Hub, IIT,Patna
  2. Member - Board of Studies, Mass Communication Department, Patna Womens College
  3. Advisor, Advisory Committee, Startup Incubation Centre, Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna(State University)
  4. Advisor, Darbhanga College of Engineering, Darbhanga
  5. Role of Honour Award for National Intercollege Crossword Expedition 2023 by Dept of Higher Education Dept, Govt of India, AICTE & IIM Mumbai
  6. Member, Primary Scrutiny Committee, Startup Bihar, Dept of Industry, Govt of Bihar
  7. Cover Story & Cover Page on The Knowledge Review Magazine on special issue on Influential leaders Lighting the Youth's Path Vol. 03, Issue 05, 2024,
  1. A market linked multi stakeholder study to investigate the status of household handwashing practices and safely managed sanitation services (smss) in selected districts of bihar conducted Unicef
  2. Implementation of Bihar Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar (Unicef)